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The Adventures of Earth-1 Supergirl

Rising from the ashes & unleashing her wrath of fierceness upon the world.

19 August
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Actress/model by day, sports fanatic by night, Duranie always. I cook a lot, i tweet a lot and I played tennis in college.

Other stuff about me:
-I call "the girls" Mary-Kate and Ashley because they're a little anorexic. (I can make that joke. The rest of you can't...after all, they're my boobs).
-I have ADD...oooh shiny object!!! wanna ride bikes?!?! I get distracted easily and jump off on completely random wild tangents at times. What were we talking about?
-I licked the MLS Cup...no joke. I got the picture to prove it! (and I've held it twice!)
-I like to cook & bake when I have time....and share with others. Rachael Ray is my freaking idol in the kitchen.
-I'm obsessed with my teeth because of the all the money spent on them. I have two different toothpastes (1 for day, 1 for night). The routine at night: floss, brush (night whitening toothpaste), rinse, retainers. That's the routine every night no matter what (even when I'm sick or drunk! well....most of the time). I go to the dentist 3-4 times a year for cleanings. My reward? Janice Dickinson telling me I have a "great smile" and "should be in toothpaste ads".
-I've seen "Major League" approx. 110 times.
-I blame Simon LeBon of Duran Duran for my blue-eyed weakness.
-I think Faith had the best quotes on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
-I'd rather watch action/adventure movies than chick flicks.
-I believe in The Law of Attraction (The Secret) & I'm constantly working on my vision board (it freaking works too. If you don't believe it, ask me and I'll explain how there is stuff on my board that has physical manifested and become reality).
-I once ate 4 lbs of meat at a brazillian chuscaria in response to the challenge on The Amazing Race where people were punking out or couldn't do it without puking.
-I once drunk tweeted the president of the Cleveland Indians baseball team & implied "hook a girl up". He gave me tickets in a suite as a result.
-I caught a foul ball at a different Indians game