Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Random Thoughts

1. Bought my ticket to Black Girl Magic drag show hosted by The Vixen
2. Personally, I'm starting to kinda be over the matte lipstick thing.
3. Why is my cat suddenly more affectionate the past few months?
4. Does anyone wanna do the Color Run 5K with me on June 17th? we don't even have to run all of it.
5. I really need a new Macbook which means I need to go to Ohio to do it to lower the sales tax....also do I stick with Pro (what I have now) or go with Air? I'm going to have to get an external DVD drive regardless cuz some of my stuff is still on DVDs/CDs (like adding music to ITunes from my cd collection)
6. anyone notice that Arrow despite not doing REAL flashbacks still had a lot of callbacks to season 1 (thus the 5-year pattern) & well, Roy is coming back in season 7 which would call back to season 2.....just saying.
7. I realized I never posted my 10th album of the album meme on Facebook. I want to dive more into all 10 and their meanings here. I will fix that, but i'll warn you, it's a tie.
8. I miss Joe and Barack.
9. I bought colored pencils. This makes me an drawist now. I hope you like abstract works.
10. My drag name would be Lebronica Lindor Loveswish.....I don't know what Haus I would originate from though.
Tags: random thoughts
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