Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

self-conscious tales from the nail salon

A lesson in being self-conscious about stuff that really doesn't matter in the end.

So I get my nails done about every 2 weeks. Acrylics. I've tried the SNS dipped nails, but I prefer the acrylics because, yeah I have some girly qualities, but I'm also rough as hell on my nails & there are things in the culinary world like sanitizer that eat the bejeez out of anything else. I also don't like gels because you have to put them under the UV light & I'm not looking to pick up skin cancer at the nail salon.

So anyway, I roll into the salon almost always with a broken nail or close to broken. again...sanitizer. It's always so embarrassing to me & these nail techs both in L.A. & Chicago probably think I grind rocks with my nails or something. One girl in L.A. did ask me what the hell I did to tear them up so bad & I told her I worked for the League of Assassins...I think she took me seriously too. oops.

This time at the salon in Chicago, I'm apologizing for showing up with a busted nail and one that's about to bust and the guy is like "nah, it's cool. it happens. no need to apologize". I mention how I'm so embarrassed and he's like "I've seen worse. no big deal. stop worrying. from now on, don't apologize, just let us know which ones need fixed and we'll take care of it. Stuff happens."
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