Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

i swear i'm going to blog more in 2016

This blog is turning 15 years old this year.....yeah 15! I know! shut up and get the fuck out of here. really? yeah, really! Can you believe this shit? I think this is the longest relationship i've ever had with anything outside of my family. Now it's come close to dying a few times in recent years as I got busy with other forms of social media, but i think it's coming off of life support. Sometimes you have to get things off your chest and out of your head in more than 140 characters...and for the record, even if Twitter does expand, I'm keeping it at around 140. come on man, it's a tweet, short and sweet.

Anyway, i just need to write more. Be more creative. Get more things out there. Share my feeling more and well if you want to read it, read it and if not, move on. Sometimes i need to rant and maybe part of my anxiety problems that i've had in recent years are because i stopped venting some much on my blog and started bottling it up inside

they might be shorter entries compared to the novel-esque entries i used to write years ago, but hey....i'm a busy girl doing busy things these days (2 jobs, acting/modeling/voiceover, hosting 3 of my own projects on Periscope while developing a 4th....oh and trying to win back the love of my life after I contributed to screwing it up by being lazy about life among a few other things.). I'm constantly complaining how i don't have enough hours in a day so writing freaking War and Peace probably wouldn't work now.

that being's shower time. acting gig tomorrow.
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