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What's Amy been up to!?!?

What's this!?!? a blog entry!?!? from Amy!?!? holy shit! it's a damn Festivus miracle!

Okay, not really but it has been a damn long time since I posted on a regular basis. Let's get away from that and back to when I wrote....a lot.

So, you might be wondering what I've been up to.....oh just being broken hearted and miserable for the most part since Brendan broke up with me at the end of January. Hating life, losing weight from stress and anxiety due to our constant fighting while still trying to live under one roof, almost going batshit crazy when the doctors were trying to figure out the best anti-anxiety drugs for me (prozac bad, zoloft good....and there's nothing like having your mom tell you that you look like death and you tell her it's because you've only slept 5 random hours in a 72-hr span), then gaining weight from the zoloft (damn i'm fat right now...shut up, don't say that I have the height to carry it. I don't want to hear it. I flat out got lazy and stopped caring)

now that we've gotten the really sucky stuff out of the way, let's get to the awesome stuff. Thanks to my awesome pal casting director branding guru ball of awesomeness Bonnie Gillespie....she turned me on to the live-streaming video app known as Periscope. I HAVE FOUND MY VOICE AND THE MEDIUM TO SPEAK IT!!!

i've already started 2 shows....I do them live on Periscope and then transfer them to YouTube for replays. The first was a cooking show where I do fun demos in my kitchen. I call it "Hungry Like the Cook" (come on, you know I have to pay homage to my fave band, Duran Duran). The second is Amy's Tasty Travels (this title pretty much taken from Rachael Ray's show of the same name, but they say imitation is best form of flattery)...i go to fun places in L.A, (or wherever I'm traveling and I do little segments on the food, ambiance, history, meaning to me, etc). I am also developing a sports show and I'm even contemplating beauty/fashion stuff (for the sporty tomboy girl of course) as well.

I also joined instagram (follow me: amydharber) and initially it was just going to be food stuff, but hey, I don't have my boyfriend now so who gives a crap how many social media platforms I'm on now....this is all about expanding my brand and exposing myself now.

acting work has been a struggle...especially since my stupid ass gained weight, but I'm getting back into things. I did book a commercial a while back, so there's that.

Phoenix the cat is good. Ralph the dog is good & somehow Brendan and I are still living together without killing each other though it's tough at times especially since I still love him so much but he's like a closed door to me which breaks my heart at times. Thank god we have a 2-bedroom apartment.

I'm still working at the job I got in November and I'm also helping my pals out at their pizza place.

that's a lot of things in a nutshell. the long version would probably horrify you.
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