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Caitlyn Jenner, courage & the ESPYs

There's a lot of stink about Caitlyn Jenner (former known as Bruce Jenner before her transition) being awarded the Arthur Ashe courage award at this year's ESPY Awards (the sporting world's awards show done by ESPN). A false story saying Noah Galloway was the runner up (not true...there is no runner up for the award). A petition to have it awarded to the late college basketball player Lauren Hill (yes, the girl was courageous. I don't disagree with that). I believe all 3 of these individuals are courageous in their own way. So I'm not going to argue that.

What I am going to argue about is the fact that people seem to be talking a lot of crap about whether it's "courageous" or not to do what Caitlyn is doing. That's where I have a problem because a lot of the people doing it on social media have probably not even met or talked to someone who is transgender. Is giving Caitlyn Jenner this award going to keep you from enjoying your lunch tomorrow or will it even matter 6 months from now? Ask yourself that. Nope....probably not. What it might do, though, is help people understand gender issues & possibly prevent another Leelah Alcorn situation from occurring (Click here if you are not familiar with the death of Leelah Alcorn)
Check the suicide rates of transgender individuals yourself if you don't want to believe me.

As of tonight, I've decided that I'm just going to keep cut/pasting the following response to every post i see on Facebook questioning Caitlyn's courage.

"such ignorance. do you know trans people? do you know their struggle both internal and external? well I do know a few and I do know of their struggles on DAILY basis & sometimes it takes courage just to get out of bed, be yourself and face the world. some trans people live in constant fear that they will be the victim of a hate crime. many are often shunned from their families. frequently laughed & mocked at by sales people when trying to shop for clothes/makeup/etc or (for those too scared to come out) living a life they hate because they can't be themselves & constantly scared their "secret" will be outed. go spend a day or two with a trans person, talk to them and then you can come back to me and talk "courage" until then STFU"

And I do mean TALK TO THEM....go to lunch, have some coffee, hell....if you're really damn adventurous go shopping.'re not going to "catch anything" or want to suddenly become the opposite gender. However, you will find that they are NOT "weirdos" "freaks" or "sick in the head" (like i've seen in comments on social media). They are just like you and me. They put their pants or dresses on the same way I do, watch the same shows, listen to the same music, cook the same meals, hold see what I'm getting at here?!?? In fact, the trans people who I know....hell, they are some of the most generous, most accepting, nonjudgmental people I know and that's saying a lot to still be kind and open-hearted when a good portion of the world hasn't shown them the same in return. If you are confused or don't understand, ask mature questions. They will give you mature answers. Trust me on this because I have done it.

I'm pretty sure that Lauren Hill's grave marker probably says what she would've wanted it to say. Unfortunately for many trans people, they do not get that respect. Leelah Alcorn sure as hell didn't get that respect.

I can't wait to be moved to tears by Caitlyn's acceptance speech & I can't wait to see the fabulous gown she wears to accept it. I pray some of you have the "courage" to watch it.
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