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30-day journal challenge (day 3) Attention-Giving

Day 3 prompt: According to Law of Attraction, we attract to our lives whatever we give our attention to, whether wanted and/or unwanted. Describe in one sentence something that is uncomfortable and unwanted for you. Then give 5 minutes to writing about how you would like things to be.

Not having a real steady job is definitely uncomfortable and unwanted for me.

I would love to have a job like I just had. let's be honest, it was easy damn money. I only worked the weekends & got to, at least, feel like a working actor Monday- most of Friday. I came in Friday night, did my job all weekend, walked away on Sunday night with a nice sum of money. I talked sports, slung beer & wings and profited.....a lot!

This being jobless thing has sucked. It got made worse by my boyfriend losing his job as well. At least he just got hired to a job now, but i'm still looking. In the meantime, I've had to take any kind of legit gig I can find....extra/background actor work, focus groups, freelance catering gigs, paid audience work. Most of it is degrading because people treat you like crap on those type of gigs and certainly not glamorous. To say that my self-esteem has taken a hit in the past month would be an understatement.

Anyway, back to how I want things to be (because that's the whole point of this). I want an awesome actor-friendly thrival job that not only allows me to pay my monthly bills, but also grants me extra cash to do actor things like casting director workshops, acting classes, etc.
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