Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Eulogy for a hairdresser

I went into my salon yesterday to make my appointment to get my roots touched up before I go home to ohio. As I was doing so, the guy helping me informed me that my former stylist, Brent, had passed away earlier this month. Brent had done my hair for like 6 years until one day he just disappeared. He didn't show up to the salon, no one knew where he was. I had his cell phone number, but it had been disconnected.

He had a history of health problems related to his former days as an alcoholic/addict & had a few stints in the hospital as well over the years. So when he disappeared about a year or 2 ago, I sadly had to assume the worst, but hoped for the best.

I can still remember the first time he did my hair. I went to the salon and asked who was the best colorist for red hair (as I was sporting the auburn locks at the time). The person setting the appointments said Brent. I took him this photo of Jennifer Garner

and said "give me that style with my red color" and that's exactly what he did. Then when I realized that bangs are not my friend & make me look like a manly drag queen a few months later, I said "I'm an idiot. what was I thinking?", he fixed it.

When I said, "hey, i have a friend going to cosmetology school & she's going to need a model for a year or so. Plus I'm kinda broke because I lost my job." He didn't take it personal. We just agreed that when she was done with school and I was back on my feet financially that I would find my way back to him....and I did.

Then about a year & half later, he was gone, but the silver lining that I can take away from this is that he lived longer than what some of us originally thought. I hope he is at peace and I am grateful that he was there to make my hair look fabulous & listen to whatever I was ranting & raving about when I sat in his chair.

He loved the user pic I put with this entry. He didn't style my hair in this photo, but he did the color and he loved how great it looked in this photo. RIP, my friend.

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