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Welcome to the NFL where the punishment doesn't fit the crime

I'm so pissed about this whole Ray Rice situation and the bullshit 2-game suspension the NFL gave him for beating his then-fiancee UNCONSCIOUS and dragging her through a hotel. I was pissed when it happened. I was pissed when he and the Baltimore Ravens held a press conference about it....and the now-wife (yes she still married him) was apologizing more than he was. For the record, not ONCE did he apologize to HER during the press conference and she's the one he beat the bejesus out of. Please tell me on what fucking bizarro planet should a battered woman be apologizing for the fact she was beaten? "Oops, I'm so clumsy. I just tripped and my face fell into his fist"

The more sports shows I watch and listen, the madder I get. Basically, the NFL is saying that the price for joining the OJ Simpson Apprenticeship program is TWO games. Two!!! Hell, smoking a joint (legal in 2 states, btw) will get you suspended a whole season. Taking a fertility drug because you're trying to start a family with your wife will get you four games. Terrelle Pryor got FIVE games for getting college before he even played a down of professional football. Hell, Michael Vick got more than 2 games for BEATING, killing and fighting dogs. (as he should have). Good news, Aaron Hernandez....if somehow, you are able to beat the murder're probably only looking at like a 4-game suspension with the way the NFL is looking these days. Just don't take any Adderall.

Really? Is that the message you are going to send to women? Sure thing....I mean, the NFL has no problem treating their cheerleaders like shit as well. Several teams are being sued by their current and former cheerleaders over wages (less than minimum wage in some cases) & job treatment/working conditions.

Somehow, the NFL thinks this is ok to alienate what is like 50% of their audience/revenue because "hey once a year, we dedicate a whole month to women. Look at our pink cleats, pink towels, pink hats, pink this, pink that. Save the boobies" Yeah let me just get on that and buy a nice pink Ray Rice jersey (yes, you can buy that on the NFL's website, right now! nothing says women empowerment like that!). Meanwhile, the actions the rest of the year say "you are second class citizens. whatever...we already got your money. screw women"

Don't even get me started on the ridiculous woman-unfriendly bag policy they started enforcing last year at NFL stadiums. No purses, ladies. You have to carry something like a see-thru bag and you get to announce to the world (or at least the 40-50thousand at the stadium) that you're having your period if it just so happens to fall when you have tickets to the game.

It baffles my mind. What is the message that you sending out?

Yes, I will still watch my Dolphins. Yes, I will still play fantasy football. Yes, I still hold my belief that if any man ever did that to me....he better find his ass in the witness protection program by the time I regain consciousness because I'll beat his ass right back.
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