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Washington Redskins, Chief Wahoo and the bigger picture.

Once again, the Washington Redskins name has come to the forefront of sports media again this week. Once again, people going on and on about how it's racist & once again, I wonder when it will trickle down to my beloved Cleveland Indians and when the attacks on Chief Wahoo will return.

For the record, my great-grandmother was part Native American (don't ask me what tribe, I don't know. Somewhere in the midwest/Kentucky area is where all the family that far back is from) & this obviously means I'm part native as well (something about that whole DNA thing)....definitely not enough to claim tribal rights or anything. Still, just want to state that for the record. you know, just inn case anyone gets a politically correct burr up their ass and wants to call me a racist, this way you can slow your damn roll and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The Washington Redskins name...I get it. It could be considered offensive, BUT....there are a LOT bigger fish to fry in the Native American community when you look at the bigger picture than a few sports teams' name and logos. Just to be sure, I did some research. I even found a few websites that were Top 10 list of biggest problems....nowhere 1-10 did it say "the fact there is a sports team named Washington Redskins" Things like poverty, poor education (low high school graduation rates, high dropout rates, low college attendance rates), alcoholism/drug abuse, suicide/depression, health care, teen pregnancy, infant mortality, reservation rape, child neglect/abuse, gang violence, low life expectancy rate, decaying housing conditions on reservations.....but somehow....Washington Redskins and the Indians' Chief Wahoo are the biggest problem. How about spending some of that casino revenue on the REAL problems? It can't be cheap to fund by a tv ad during not 1 but TWO games of the NBA playoffs or to lobby to politicians left and right. I mean, come on! I'm half tempted to go to a nearby Indian-owned casino (there are quite a few of them in Southern California), decked out in Chief Wahoo Indians gear from head to toe and seeing how long they will take my money before kicking me out.

And seriously, where do we draw the line with mascots, political correctness and possibly offending anyone's delicate feelings? (*eye roll* I'm so over politically correct bullshit that gets everyone's vaginas in a twisted whiney knot. Life is hard, buy a fucking helmet and get over it). I addressed this on Twitter on Wednesday night and woke up on Thursday morning to hear The Herd with Colin Cowherd ripping off one of my tweets almost word for word (no, he doesn't follow me on Twitter, so I'd like to think this was purely coincidental, but as it turns out, he has a little history of liberally borrowing *cough*stealing*cough* from blogs, tweets and other sources....or so i've been told. lovely. I've had a run-in with him before but that's for another post and another time)

Anyway, where do we draw the line? Are Indians, Braves and Chiefs next? Notre Dame Fighting Irish? dare you say because I'm Irish that I like to fight (and drink....and yes, I'm part Irish too). New York Yankees....offensive to people from the South. PETA protesting animal mascots (they kind of already do that with teams who have live mascots)? People die in plane crashes, Winnipeg/New York...I'm going to need you to not use Jets anymore. That's offensive to the victims/survivors. Carolina & Univ of Miami Hurricanes....same thing., Phoenix Suns....offensive to people who have had skin cancer or have that disease where they can't be in the sun, Washington Nationals....offensive to immigrants, Minnesota Twins.....offensive to single births or multiples more than 2, Devils.....offensive to Christians and promoting Satanic behavior.

See where I am going with this?

i'll be over here planning my trip to Pechanga and picking out what Chief Wahoo gear to wear while losing my money in the nickel slots.
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