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Customer service is deader than chivalry

I know I can't be the only one who has noticed the decline in customer service in this country. From doctors who only give you about 2 minutes of their actual time in an exam room to just flat-out rudeness from someone who isn't happy about their minimum wage job. It has now reached epidemic proportions.

My experiences on Sunday and Monday of this week have just pushed me to my breaking point.

Sunday, Father's know, I don't have my father in my life anymore. I woke up that morning, made twitter and Facebook posts about how it was just another day & then some comments rolled in that inspired me. The first Father's Day without him, we went out to the rib place he loved to go to when he would come to SoCal on vacation (he loved his ribs). Now, my schedule on Sunday didn't allow me to go to that place, but I suggested to Brendan just to go to any rib place. Did some research, asked around and found this place that I drive past a lot. I get there and that's when the crap begins....first, the server barely says hi to me and tells me they're out of BBQ tips. Now there's a piece of paper that you fill out to let the kitchen know what you want. Brendan calls me because he's having problems finding the place and while on the phone, the server rips the paper out of my hand and crosses out like every other single protein on the ribs (which is what I wanted), no chicken, no brisket, no pulled pork....just hot links....and then when i'm off the phone, snaps at me "I'd hurry up and order or you're not even going to get that, but we'll still have sides for you" (yes, lady....because I came here for basically an overpriced glorified spicy hot dog...let's be honest, that's what a hot link is in my book and some sides). As soon as brendan got there, we walked out. End of story.

I find it unacceptable that a restaurant runs out of proteins about an hour into what is considered "dinner service". Yes, it's a holiday, but you know it's a holiday that comes every year on that particular day. It's called proper ordering and preparation. That's like if a bar ran out of beer on St. Patty's Day or Cinco De Mayo. You know it's coming, you should be prepared.

This pretty much repeats what I just posted but here's my Yelp review of the Bludso's Judging by the looks of it, I wasn't the only pissed off person that day. So I guess I wasn't being a overly-picky foodie in this case.

I struck out with the BBQ that night, but I did manage to still honor my dad last night at a wonderful place called Lucille's at the Culver City mall last night. Dad would've been proud of those ribs....the service was still a little spotty but I honestly suspect that she was a newbie server. (maybe I'm just particular about service because I've worked in the industry).

Next beef: The US Postal Service.

I get're a strapped government agency, but seriously....update your damn website and phone apps to reflect the true hours and locations of your offices. I drove around for like 30 minutes on a wild goose chase for a post office that was actually no longer even in business because the USPS website/app told me there was an open location down the road from the location that I got to just as it was closing (the lady literally waited until I went to grab the door open and locked it! WTF!). So I look up another location that I know is still operating and it tells me the lobby with the self-serve kiosk is open until 7pm. I get there at 6:15 and nope....the hours of operation changed as of 2 months ago (according to the sign on the door) and even the lobby is now closed at 5. Way to update that information.

Final beef: Old Navy

I had a pair of their Pixie pants that basically fell apart at the seams after a mere 2 washings. Now I'm not a fashion designer and my experience in retail was a summer at The Finish Line, 2 months at an Old Navy and the occasional retail shift when I worked at Hard Rock Cafe. I do know enough about clothes, though, as a model to know that a pair of pants should be able to withstand the general care as directed on the label for more than 2 washings.

They're trying to give me shit about it because 1. I wore them (um, am I supposed to just buy the pants and look at them hanging in my closet?) and 2. I washed them (oh, I'm sorry, did i miss where it said somewhere on the tag or in the store that your items are unwashable? Maybe if that is the case there shouldn't be cleaning instructions on the tag). Then, the manager gives me more shit because I won't exchange them for anything else in the store (the only sizes they had left in these pants were 14, 16 & 18....yeah, my size is that minus the 1 at the front, so don't think those are going to fit). She's like "you have to understand where I'm coming from and you should be grateful I'm even ignoring policy to let you exchange them" to which I said "well, you need to understand that a pair of pants shouldn't fall apart at the seams after 2 washings". I got a gift card that I could use to find them online which I did....on sale, with enough left over to get an additional pair of jeans as well. I also hit up the company's twitter. They contacted me in less than 24 hours asking me to call about the problem with the construction of the pants for their quality props for the social media customer service, but the customer unfriendly return/exchange policy makes me want to avoid this store in the future which is sad because i get a lot of my clothes from there.

I will say that if you want to reassure yourself that there is any hope whatsoever for customer service, go to Trader Joe's....they are always friendly, helpful and smiling...maybe it's because the company is so good to their employees.
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