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LJ Idol Week 11: Recency Bias & the Cleveland sports fan.

Cleveland is known for being a cursed sports city. Most of these you can google....I can't explain them all. It's just too painful to relive and 4 out of 5 therapists agree that it's probably best to never speak of these unthinkable acts ever again. The Catch, The Trade, The Drive, The Fumble, Red-Right 88, The Shot, The Blown Save (still probably need therapy for this one), The Collapse (why.....just why?!?!), The Decision (seriously, i'm still pissed about that one). This leads to a cynical and often bitter fan base. We can't enjoy when our team is doing well either because well....when is the other shoe going to drop? (see: The Blown Save or The Collapse or the 2012 & 2013 Indians...first place most of the season only to get blown out the last 2 month of the season. so heartbreaking)

Lately, though.....things have been changing.....or at least in my mind they have. Holy crap, the Indians have built a team! They made the playoffs last year. it was magical. It was beautiful and sure it was just a one-game wild card game that they lost, but it was awesome. There's a whole group of us who interact on Twitter during games. I'm pretty sure that some of us are not as drunk by the 7th inning like we were in the past (guilty as charged). Things still get dicey sometimes in the 9th inning, but that's because we're all scarred. (see: The Blown Save)

What's that? The Cavaliers got another #1 pick in the NBA draft! What?!?! We only had like a 2% chance of winning the lottery. This can't be right. What's the catch? (This is obviously the universe attempting to right everything that was so fundamentally wrong about that egotist display called The Decision). that's 3 out of the last 4 #1 picks....and the team ALMOST made the playoffs last year. It was a lot more interesting than losing like 27 straight games the season before. That really sucked.

Then there are the Browns....they are seemingly the most cursed and, yet somehow, the most beloved team in the city. Good, bad or just downright ugly....they'll sell out games. Now I can't really speak about Browns stuff, because i'm actually a Dolphins fan (when you're a 10-yr-old girl, Dolphins are pretty and nothing orange/brown is and stuck. I'm loyal to my teams.) However, I have a lot of twitter followers who are Browns fans and well, they seem a little more upbeat lately.....maybe it's the drafting of Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football. Even if the team isn't good, at least he'll bring the entertainment factor....I mean, come on! there's already a picture of him partying in Vegas on a giant inflatable swan floating around the internet! It's not even football season!

The Cleveland chatter on social media has been a little more upbeat in recent months. Could Cleveland finally be turning its back on this freaking curse that has loomed over its sports teams since like 1964 or is this just recency bias talking and confusing all of us?
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