Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

So THAT'S why my stomach has been weird for 2 days

My stomach has been screwy for like 2 days now & I couldn't figure out why until this afternoon when i was making a smoothie for Brendan. He's on a nice liquid/soft food diet from his wisdom teeth removal.

So I make his smoothie and I take little spoonfuls to make sure it's blended perfectly with nothing chunky & to insure it's flavorful. I have also been drinking the leftovers if there's less than a juice cup-worth in the blender. Small problem....his smoothies have "real" milk in them & guess who is slightly lactose-intolerant, but straight up milk is a HUGE trigger????

oh that would be ME!

And he won't let me make them with the lactose free milks that we have (I have regular and chocolate). This also means we have 3 different types of milk in our fridge....though he claims mine isn't "real" milk and calls it "white water" and "brown water"

excuse me....i'll be the one burping uncontrollably in the corner. don't mind me...i'll be fine in a day or so.
Tags: brendan, food, los angeles, mid-city mansion
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