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What we have hear is a failure to communicate

About a year ago, our building was sold to a management group. The prior owner was actually our neighbor across the building. Things usually got done pretty quickly, the laundry room was cheap and I could always reach her (or her ex husband who helped out) via phone, text or email. Oh yeah...she spoke English.

This management company is a damn fuggin nightmare. This Korean guy speaks little to no English...same with his maintenance men he sends to work on the place, same with the landscapers. NO ENGLISH!!! I want to kill them. I want to hire a translator. Hell, I even contemplating spending $300 on Rosetta Stone software just so I can say basic things to them. I'm half-tempted to print signs I make via Google Translate and put them up around the building (you'll see why later) or toss a note in with our next rent check. I'm at my damn wits end. Here are some of the issues in the past year....

-A phone call where he jumps all over my ass in broken English accusing me of shorting the rent check by 95 cents....yes, you read that correctly....NINETY FIVE CENTS! If you know about rent prices in Los Angeles, then you'll understand why this is just trivial petty bullshit. Then he didn't even apologize when I more than pointed out that he had the wrong apartment. He just hung up on me.
-They put a blanket maintenance notice to cover like a month-long period and they said that meant they didn't have to give 24 hrs notice to come barreling in our apartment. They also pretty much barricaded us in our upstairs apartment by doing work on the stairs where we "weren't permitted to leave". Not to mention they painted the stairs including the actual steps without putting "WET PAINT" signs up and someone in one of the apartments fell down the whole flight of stairs (yes, they got sued for being idiots)
-Every time they come to work on anything, they leave a mess for you to clean up because they're not doing it. They'll also tell you it's only going to be an hour... 4 hours later, you're still waiting for them to leave.
-The landscaper weed whacks the living bejesus out of anything and everything....including our pineapple plant that is planted in the ground that the previous owner told us we could plant in the ground by the building. I've even put up pinwheels by the plant so that maybe they would understand that the plant is not a weed....nope. They weed whacked those too last time and even threw them in the trash. They also knock over my watering cans causing them to get filled with the lawn clippings they blow all over the place and this time they even weed whacked a hole into one of my watering cans. Then when we called the landlord, this jackass acted like it was damn first grade or something by saying "well did you see him whack them, remove them and throw them in the trash?" No, but I did hear them downstairs and then found my pinwheels on top of all the lawn clippings in the yard clippings trash can. I highly doubt the snails in the yard put them there all eaten up by a weed whacker. It took everything in my power not to grab the phone from Brendan and say "what the fuck? are we in fucking elementary school? Teacher didn't see it happen so it didn't happen?" Then he says I can just tell them every time they show up what plants not to touch....because I don't have like a job or a career or anything. I just sit around waiting for the landscaper to show up every 3-6 weeks. I've got a novel about tearing up the dead ass bushes that have been here visit after visit after visit to the point they are dead black dry sticks rooted in the ground? Leave the living plants alone. I'm shocked as all hell that they also haven't tried to destroy the plants in my garden planter that the last owner let me build & have.

I swear...if you know someone who knows Korean, please send them my way or things are going to get nasty and probably inaccurate with Google Translate in a few days when I put a note with our rent check & also make laminated signs to put by my plants, pinwheels and watering cans.
Tags: los angeles, mid-city mansion, rants
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