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Tacky sports fans on display w/ social media

Reds relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman took a line drive to the face tonight in a spring training game & was carted off the field, loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. Judging by some of the tweets I saw from people who were at the game, it was a horrifying scene. Chapman threw a 95mph+ pitch and then had it returned to his face about 10mph more than that.

What was more horrifying was some of the baseball fans reactions on twitter. My own fan base, the Indians, had people saying "that's karma for throwing 103mph fastball at Nick Swisher's head last season" (I was at that game and yeah, he pitched inside to him, but the guy DOES have a history of control problems. I'm not defending him. Yes, he could've been intentionally throwing at Swisher). People tweeting "thanks for ruining my fantasy team" (excuse me....key word there, asshole...FANTASY. SHIT ISN'T REAL!!!). Cardinals fans (who have a heated rivalry with the Reds in recent years) celebrating the fact that this guy is hurt (and who knows how seriously...though now it's being reported that he has a cut about his eye, some broken facial bones and is being observed overnight).

I'm just disgusted. Really, people!?!? It's a baseball game. For all we know, this guy could be fighting for his life (he's still being observed).

It's one thing to give a player some shit especially when they play for your rival team....hell, I call Jhonny Peralta a cheater for taking steroids, I sometimes call Justin Verlander "Vaginerlander", I joke about sending Miguel Cabrera a bottle of Jack Daniels since he's had a history of alcohol problems & DUIs & well, us Tribe fans really do enjoy a good Tigers bullpen meltdown. I draw the line at making fun of someone being injured (unless it's a stupid injury, like so-&-so pitcher got a paper cut and can't pitch...not life or career endangering).

Seriously...what the hell is wrong with some people?!? Trust me, I called some of these pieces of shit out on Twitter tonight....they "deserve it".
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