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Jayus moments while doing standup comedy

Jayus: “From Indonesian, meaning a joke so poorly told and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh.”

My experience doing standup comedy in late 2011-early 2012 could be considered one giant jayus debacle

I took a standup comedy class in 2011 & the irony of that is that I took it at the worst possible time every. In fact, it was so poorly timed that all I could do was laugh not to cry. The class coincided with my father entering hospice for the last month of his life. I would go to class on a Wed from 7-10, come home & pack, then fly out to Ohio on a Thursday morning, stay until Wednesday morning & fly back to LA to get back in time for class on Wednesday night. Stay in L.A. for a week, work my job Thur-Sunday, repeat the cycle the next Wednesday (often writing my class assignments out while on the planes). That would be jayus #1. Oh yeah....before I forget, one of the flights, I misplaced my ID & had to get interrogated by TSA in order to get on my flight back to LA only to find my stupid id in a pocket of my dufflebag when I got back to LA...THIS SHIT ISN'T FUNNY AND SOMEHOW I'M LAUGHING (to keep from crying).

Now my class showcase was awesome. People laughed, they got the jokes. I tell a lot of sports-themed jokes because that's who I am....the sporty sassy gal who tries to be girly.
You can even see that showcase act on my Youtube channel.. Now between that performance and the next time I trotted it out, my dad died, I had the plane flight from turbulence hell & pretty much had monster panic attacks that landed me in the ER, but when you get invited to perform at The Comedy Store, you don't turn it down. My mom was in town for Thanksgiving and my boyfriend had the night off, so I was nervous but excited. I get up for my 7 minutes and crickets other than my mom and boyfriend. This is what happens when you have a mostly hipster crowd and you're trying to tell jokes about Lebron James, the Miami Dolphins and how all your sports teams are cursed, they're too cool to watch sports and your jokes fall flat. Then it got even more unfunny because 2 comics later...after they red-lighted me after only 5 minutes instead of 7 (they flash a red light to tell you to wrap it up)...guess who the surprise guest is?!?! Sarah fucking Silverman...she's just showing up to "try out some new stuff and see if it works" I just bombed with Sarah Silverman (someone I adore comedically) watching me. AWESOME!!!! This is so damn unfunny all I can do is laugh to keep from crying...yet again.

The final jayus moment that I had doing standup, I just owned and turned it into a joke on stage. then I promptly realized that maybe what I do comedically is better suited for social media, blogging, my own sports videos or a podcast. I'd written a new part of my act that was centered around the Super Bowl in 2012. Tebow & his mom were doing some pro-life family commercial, Madonna was the halftime show (Madge put away your vadge...everyone who has wanted to see it has seen it at this point. it's like loose cootch meat flaps at your age). Anyway, I had this joke that the last time my team, the Miami Dolphins, had won a Super Bowl my mom could've still aborted me as a fetus and not had Timmy Tebow and his mama preaching about it. I think there was also some Madonna reference where I said "Mama don't preach". This illicited some crickets, some boos and some typical LA fake I deviate from the next joke, just go down to one knee and say into the mic very dry "Tebow Time" and that turned it into a laugh. who knows....maybe that joke really was unfunny, but I was going to own it and find a way to make these people laugh.

Game. Set.! And then I took my jokes to twitter....where I've been retweeted by ESPN, FOX sports and other various outlets to the point that I've been called the Chelsea Handler of sports (thank you baby jesus for not letting me bomb in front of her. I would've stolen her vodka and chugged it).
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