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This is my brand & my fashion choices & I'm sticking to them!

I've spent the past month taking this awesome business of acting class. I adore who teaches it. She's been a mentor, a guru and, at times, been more than just a casting director to me...offering a friendly ear when my father passed away. I've known her for just about 90% of my time in Hollywood and she's seen me move through age ranges and types.

Now part of the class is about branding. That would be selling yourself as your brand. I know my brand, I love my brand (for the most part) and I've worked hard to perfect this brand that I've pretty much been cultivating even unknowingly for probably as long as I've had this blog.

I'm sporty, but a touch girly and a bit of a culinary goddess. Basically, I like sports, I like food and I'm not afraid to play the girl card here and there.

Now part of the class is doing a 1-minute pitch in front of the class. Normally, I would have practiced everything I was going to say, so I wouldn't go off on some ADD-fueled tangent, but it just so happens that our dog, Ralph had to be rushed to the vet on Wednesday morning & that coupled with 2 last-minute auditions left me with just enough time to throw on my "on-brand" outfit and get to class on time. Forget hair and makeup (so much for looking girly)

My on-brand outfit is sports jersey, skirt and flats...that's pretty much what I live in during baseball season with some variation. Yeah...that got dinged. I got told that I dressed too young for my age. What-the-fuck-ever....(insert eye roll here). Guess what? I live by the philosophy "What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear?" and trust me, sister wore a lot of stuff that would've probably been deemed "too young for her age" by this crowd. I drink a LOT of this branding Kool-Aid, but this is where I draw the line...this is the orange Kool-Aid that I didn't like as a kid and I don't like now. who the hell's place is it to be the judge of who wears what? seriously!?? If I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing who the fuck cares? Ageism pisses me off which is why I'll wear anything I damn well feel like wearing. I'll rock a damn mini skirt when I'm 70 if my legs still look great.

I'm also not dropping the line in my pitch about having 3 tvs and 2 cases of makeup because guess what?!?! I REALLY DO!!! Yes, I know I didn't have a lot of makeup on in class, but since we're not allowed to defend our pitches in class, I'll defend it here. MY DOG WAS FREAKING SICK!!!! Gee...I'm sorry pup that you need comforted when we don't know exactly what is wrong with you & we're waiting to hear from vet, but I have to spend time in the bathroom to put on makeup for a class so that I don't get dinged for it. UH NO! I spent what little time before class I had petting my ailing dog.

I'll admit it, I was a little off my game for class, but I know my brand.
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