Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Week 0 LJ Idol topic...sorta like spring training for the writing season

This is the "spring training" post for a little writing competition that I've decided to join...if you're linking over from Facebook or already know this stuff. Laugh and enjoy the ride.

So who am I? Let me elaborate a little bit more from the "about" section of my website

I'm an Ohio-born and raised actress/model/writer/sports humorist who resides in Hollywood, CA. My brand can best be described as sporty & sassy, but a touch girly & a bit of a culinary goddess. What's that mean....think if Chelsea Handler & Rachael Ray were hanging in a sports bar. I'm the living embodiment of the green M&M....I'm a tough candy shell on the outside, but once you get past that, I'll actually kinda melt and be sweet. ​You may have seen me on 1000 Ways to Die. I was on there twice and never died. I've also done a couple of re-enactment shows and now I'm making the move to network co-star roles (those are the 1-2 line roles you see on shows like "may I take your order, sir?" "doctor, here's the test results you wanted" stuff like that). Contrary to what Hollywood wants you to believe, you don't just get off the bus, film blockbuster movies or get a tv series and start walking red carpets.

I am not kidding when I say I'm a sport fans. My apartment that I share with my boyfriend of 3 years is like a sports bar. We have 3 42" televisions for sports watching. My sports loyalties are as follows: Cleveland Indians, The Ohio State Buckeyes, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Cavaliers, Columbus Blue Jackets, The University of Findlay Oilers and I often tweet about these teams. I possibly have a Twitter addiction as well (@AmyHarber). I'm also a 2014 applicant for the MLB Fan Cave. I worked as a sports writer with my broadcast journalism degree when I got out of college, but I wanted to be on camera and covering high school sports really sucked all the fun I got from a vampire at a blood drive suckage. That led me to go back to modeling (which I'd done in high school), which led to acting, which led to where I am now.

I'm also a home cook who watches a lot of food shows and eats at some pretty cool restaurants. I've taken a cooking class with a former Top Chef contestant, but, for the most part, I self-taught myself everything I know in the kitchen (with the help of Rachael Ray's tv shows & cookbooks). I can whip you up a tasty tailgate treat probably faster than you can sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

I've had this blog since like 2001 and it's seen me go from living in Columbus, OH to making a cross-country move to follow my dreams along with all the ups & downs that go with it. Love, life, loss and everything in between. The friendships, the heartbreaks, the betrayals.

Completely random but it's on my website and maybe I'll elaborate later but I've flown without an ID & I defy science at times. You will laugh, you will cry...sometimes at the same time and if you're easily offended, I'm probably not the blog for you. i rant, I rave, I get on my opinionated soapbox and sometimes I have a mouth that will make sailors and/or truckers blush and want to pray for me.
Tags: food, hollywood, random thoughts, sports, writing
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