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The ground isn't the only thing shifting in Hollywood


if you know me well, then you know I'm beyond OCD anal retentive about my teeth. I write about it in my blog profile. I have like a $150 toothbrush. I call my smile "The Investment" because of the money wrapped up in dental work I've had done. (thanks mom and dad!). I revel in the praise of my dentist saying how short my cleanings are and how easy they are because I'm awesome.

So I'm freaking out just a little to notice that one of my back teeth appears to be shifting out of alignment and my retainer is a little tight down there. The top teeth, I'm not worried about, but the's no secret that they were more fucked up than a football bat (I love that Brendan brought that saying into my life). Hell, I had to have my bottom braces tightened 3 times the first week I had them on in order to keep one of my teeth from popping out sideways in my mouth (let me tell you what a fun and exhilarating time that was in the 8th grade....PMS and mouth's a wonder that I didn't shoot myself that week)

This is a matter of being slack either...I wear my retainers religiously. I'd even take them with me to parties in college, reside in my purse with a toothbrush post college in the slight chance that I drink too much or hook up with a guy and spend the night somewhere. Apparently, 6-8 hours a night though is not enough for these bottom teeth and I'm freaking out. It's not visible when I smile (thank god), but it's enough to freak me out.
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