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I'm not the same, I have no shame. I'm on fire! Me, IMG Models & the most fearless cover letter ever

Back in November, IMG Models (the #1 modeling agency in the world. They rep Gisele) announced they were going to rep all shapes, sizes, races, ages, etc.. Now I have the tendency to be a smart ass on Twitter from time to time, so I thought I was going to "call their bluff" by telling them to put their proverbial money where their mouth is and rep me. They started favoriting & retweeting my tweets regarding this diversity plan. (I touched on it a bit in my 2013 wrap up post about a month ago)

Well, now, knowing that I'm going to be in the NYC area in the middle of February (see the city, spend time with my man in his native NJ), it was time to put my money where my smart ass snarky mouth was. Time to send them my pitch package. So I go to the website to get the address and i start looking around at their online portfolios...bad mistake. That's when the nerves and self-doubt started kicking in my brain: I'm just a older commercial print model who focuses more on acting now...I'm not freaking Gisele Bundchen supermodel-esque. they gotta be messing with me. Like Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out any second now and say "you're being Punk'd", but then I remembered the valuable words of my commercial acting teacher Killian McHugh: LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR. Also the lessons I learned while taking the most wonderful empowerment course from life coach Ryan Basham about a year ago. That's when I just told myself "fuck it. Go big or go home".

Then, I proceeded to pound out the most shameless, most fearless, bold gutsy cover letter that I have probably ever written in my life. Basically, it's like "here! this is who I am, this is what i do, this is what I can do for you, love it & meet me or leave it & oh well...BOOM!" I spelled it out from a business perspective as well (this is when my minor in marketing and public relations internships pay off)....this is how you can market me to art directors, casting directors and advertising agencies & this is why I will appeal to them. It was actually quite liberating and what the hell do I really have to lose? nothing really. I'm not based in NYC, they don't have an office here in L.A. Sure, i could end up in some "what the hell were you thinking" file that they pull out for a good laugh on slow days (trust me when I say casting directors and agencies have these things), but I don't care because I will almost likely never know if I end up in that file. All i know is (going all sports cliche here), you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

So I popped my ballsy cover letter, my comp card, my headshot, my resume in a priority mail envelope, popped that sucker in the mail and then tweeted them to "be on the lookout for my mailer". Sure enough, they favorited the tweet. Now we wait. I leave for NYC in a week.

Thanks to Bonnie Gillespie, Killian McHugh, Danielle Eskinazi, Ryan Basham and Ben Whitehair for just inspiring me (and other entertainment peeps) to just sometimes take crazy leaps of faith, make bold choices or consider unconventional approaches to achieve your goals.
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