Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Wanna break your booking/audition slump? LEAVE TOWN!

I always get so frustrated in the week before I leave town. I've booked out with my agent, I'm not self-submitting myself either for castings because mostly everything is either going to be auditioning or shooting while I'm gone (or both). I'm spinning my wheels because I want to be "go go go" and I can't. I try booking stuff for Ohio (and that almost always doesn't pan out which is part of the reason I'm agency-shopping while I'm home this time...for that local hire stuff).

I leave town and sure enough....(and almost any LA or NYC-based actor will tell you this as well)...the damn phone starts ringing. Funny or Die wanted to direct book me for another shoot, had to turn it down because I'm in Ohio. (direct book: hire me without an audition or just based off looking at my reel/headshot/resume). A friend is shooting a short this weekend and wanted me in it last minute....again, in Ohio.

Not complaining though. Just pointing it out.
Tags: entertainment, hollywood, ohio
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