Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Dear cat, haven't you heard that saying about first impressions?

My mom has a new cat....kinda. I don't know if it's a stray or just someone's cat that gets let out and roams into the yard, but my mom feeds it and built a shelter for it. Kitty is skittish, doesn't let you pet him and doesn't want to come into the house even if it's freezing (my mom tried during this recent cold spell).

Well, I met kitty today and obviously kitty doesn't know you only get 1 chance to make a first impression. Next to kitty's shelter was a little tiny bird, still alive, but barely moving and kitty was sitting up all proudly like "look what I did" Yeah, look what you did, I think you broke birdie's wing. I tried to put the bird on the bird feeder hoping it would bounce back from being stunned and fly away, but nope. that's when i realized it must be injured. As soon as I went into the house, the cat started prowling around the bird feeder too...stalking it and probably hoping the wind would bring dinner back down to the ground.

My mom brought the bird in the house & put it in a box. She's trying to nurse it back to health, but I honestly think she's going to find a dead bird in the morning. I'd check on it now actually, but I'll start crying if the bird is dead.

Stupid cat....I know it's the cat's nature, but seriously cat?!?!? I just met you. I wanted to like you. I wanted to go all cat whisperer on you and convince you to come into my mom's warm home and keep her company. Now I just see you as a bad cat.

(Then again, I had an part-time outdoor cat as a kid...i used to get so mad when he'd bring home trophies. I even banished him from my bedroom for the 3 years I had my gerbil for fear he'd pop the lid of the cage and get my gerbil)
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