Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Just another Sunday of douchery in the sports bar

Ah, the NFL playoffs have begun and the increase in drinking and douchery that comes with it at my weekend/night gig.

I literally was only clocked in a minute when this happened.

Guy (barking at me): WE WANT SHOTS!
me: okay, well let me send your server over and get them for you. (which I promptly's Sunday football, so I almost always send the server to the table especially if I just got there. Who knows, maybe this person has been cut off from drinking and I don't know. So I err on the side of caution and verify instead of just taking an order.)

About 10 minutes later, I walk past the table....

Guy: I HATE YOU!!!
me: excuse me? (I think he's going to make some snarky mark about my Dolphins shirt...yeah I know they never make the playoffs, rub the salt in the wound)
Guy: I SAID I HATE YOU (yelling in my face)
Me: okay...and why is that?
Guy: because you didn't serve us.
Me: I'm sorry, but I'm not your server and I can't just take tables from other servers in their section.
Guy: you didn't put in our order.
me: Again, I do not have access to your check. Only your server or a manager can do that. I'll tell your server to come over again (which I then found out that she'd already been over there and they'd already downed the shots they initially wanted)

He then proceeds to call me a bitch the next 3 times I walk past the table. case you've never worked in a restaurant, let me clue you in...9 times out of 10, the only person who can get you something that has to be charged is your server (and a manager). Not the busser, not the host, not the food runner, not the other servers in the place, the bartender, the bathroom attendant.

Stay classy, football fans.
Tags: football, restaurants
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