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aimercat weren't so bad

Hey know, you were pretty cool. You sure as hell sucked WAY WAY less than your counterparts 2011 and 2012. It's almost embarrassing that you have to hang out so close to those bad seeds....maybe stick closer to 2014. That cat seems pretty cool so far.

So let's see, I traveled with my wonderful boyfriend, Brendan to Vegas and also took a cruise with him to Miami-Key West-Cozumel gifted to me by the lovely Kathy Ireland. We kicked ass in the conch-blowing contest (as former trumpet players, that's a given), got really drunk on a pub crawl, he bought art he probably shouldn't have at the art auction, we won The Amazing Cozumel Race &. of course, the strawberry cheesecake/bathrobe incident (don't ask). I went home to Ohio, but not until May because my work kept giving me grief for taking time off....I'm smarter with picking and choosing my battles now even if it sometimes means massive 18-hour days for me going from audition, shoots and then work. Of course, I went to Cleveland while I was home because Cleveland Indians president Mark Shapiro put me up in a suite for The Battle of Ohio (Reds/Indians) after I drunk tweeted him at the start of the baseball season "hey I'm coming home....hook a girl up". Probably not the smartest thing I did on social media in 2013 at the time, but looking back....that's pretty damn cool especially since I got to see a Jason Giambi home run in the process! Pass the Angry Orchard cider, please! Also took my mom to see her Reds (along with my BFF from high school aka Jason #1 & his woman) and their minor-league counterpart the single-A Dragons where she proceeded to do the chicken dance during the game (I have it on video. I love it). Brendan wrapped up the year for me by taking me to see my favorite musical, Evita, when it was in Orange County...since I missed it when it was at the Pantages.

I drank red wine & a shot of whiskey w/o puking (at different times), ate escargot, learned how to make pasta from scratch from one of the best chefs in Los Angeles, became Twitter pals with world-renowned Chef Art Smith (aka Oprah's former chef) after he popped into my work for some NY-style pizza. I ate some of the most amazeball food at Lola (Iron Chef Michael Symon's restaurant) in the form of beef cheek pierogi and Hodges (Great Food Truck Race runner-up & Next Food Network Star contestant Chris Hodge) where I had the burger named in honor of local Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey.

BTW, what a night on twitter that was! I was live tweeting the Tribe game with a bunch of the regular mutually followed Cleveland peeps when the story broke that Charles Ramsey had helped rescue Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. I still get chills thinking about. We all went from watching the game to also watching CNN as well.

I watched my little black kitten Phoenix continue to grow into a remarkable cat. She turned 1 in June and every day she is more trusting of us. It only proves to show that with a lot of love and care, a rescue animal can be rehabbed. I am so grateful we were able to save her from certain death on the street. We also learned that she really fucking HATES other cats & I learned it's possible that she was the result of animal hoarding. Yes, one of our neighbors had 68 cats until the other neighbor took them away & placed them in homes or no-kill shelters. she was possibly a kitten that got away.

I finally got my demo reel done & joined The Actors Network in 2013. About freaking time! This is probably something that should've and could've been done 5 years ago, but I was either too scared, not ready, just didn't have the financial resources to make it happen, but hey...the former is a whole other post that is brewing in my mind. Of course, then The Actors Network closed up physical shop after one month of my joining and went to strictly online...what a bummer. I milked that puppy for all it was worth though...Brendan probably thought I was sleeping there at times I was there so much. I had way too many meetings that got my hopes up and sent me crashing to the ground, but Brendan kept me grounded reminding me that while I wasn't making a tier jump yet, some would just like to be at the tier i'm at. I took some of the most amazing classes this year: an empowerment class taught by an amazing life coach (Ryan Basham, check him out if you're in L.A.), Killians commercial class (after a 5 month wait but having it on my resume suddenly got me into offices I couldn't get in before) & of course, Bonnie Gillespie's Branding Blitz and Self-Management for Actors retreat. I also took a stand as an actor while taking a Showcase preparation class and got my shitty scene partner booted from the class & replaced with someone awesome when shitty scene partner stood me up for rehearsals & wasn't at all prepared or ready to take the class seriously. Hey...i was spending good money on the class so I feel I was within my rights to do that.

I paid off my Macbook and 2 credit cards. 2012 sucked, but the money from my commercial I shot that year along with my awesome tax return gave me some financial freedom to pay off some bills and put that money where it really needs to be going: marketing materials, acting classes and casting director workshops. And then I proceeded to find out that my neck is screwed up & causing my migraines, plus I'm still having anxiety issues, so now some of the cash is going to a chiropractor and therapist, so there's that. I do have fewer headaches though and I'm not fighting with Brendan as much. I guess both of them are worth it.

And let's not forget the crazy 5 days in Nov where I wound up at a party at CAA, met basketball player Jason Collins (the NBA player who came out as gay), shot a video for and wound up with my name on as a result and the attention of IMG Models & their president Ivan M. Bart regarding their new stance on diversity and reaping models of varying sizes, shapes and ages. (He just favorited my tweet with the dates I'm coming to NYC last night...even if I only manage a freaking meeting, I'm still over the moon about it...I mean come on! that's the number 1 modeling agency in the freaking world!)

That's all I can think of now...just a random rundown of my 2013. Now, 2014....have fun, look hot, be awesome.
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