Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Definition of a immature sore loser....NFL style

I work in a sports bar and on Sundays during the NFL season, we wear our NFL football gear. In my case, that is modeling H2T (head-to-toe as Tyra Banks would call it) Miami Dolphins teal and orange. I'm talking jersey, hair ties, headband, socks, earrings...even teal and orange eyeshadow. It's my thing...people will remember me come May and June when they return outside of football season as "The Miami Dolphins chick". People take pictures of me and send them to their Dolphins fans friends...stuff like that. Well, that was not the case this past Sunday.

grown adult female customer about 30-40 years old in a Patriots jersey is sat at a table in my section (now this is HOURS after the Dolphins beat the Patriots in the final 2 minutes of the game). I go about my friendly welcome with "my name is Amy and I'll be taking care of you tonight" to which her reply was a blunt "NO! YOU WON'T!" Now at first I'm taken aback and I think she's joking so I start to laugh it off and ask if there is anything I can get her. She replies "yes, a new server because THIS (pointing at my shirt) isn't going to work" She says she is offended by my jersey too.

I obliged her but REALLY?!?!? GROW UP! it was a game, get over it! Then she takes it another unnecessary step forward by glaring at me every time I have to come to the table next to hers (in my section for the night which she is still in even though another server is taking the table) and also making passive-aggressive comments to and about me loud enough for me to hear while I'm talking to the other table (one of them was how she should complain to the manager about me so they will make me change my "offensive" shirt aka my Brian Hartline jersey.)

Talk about sore ungrateful loser...lady, your team has won like 3 super bowls since 2000. Mine hasn't won a Super Bowl since I was LITERALLY a fetus. They haven't even been to one in my adult lifetime...heck, the last time we even sniffed a conference championship game, I was getting my FIRST college degree and I think i was still at my FIRST college in that process.
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