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Help get Self-Management for Actors 4th edition printed…DONATE TODAY!


What are you waiting for (well I know I'm waiting for my wages from this weekend), please give to make the 4th edition of Self-Management for Actors a reality in print form. I have been a student of Bonnie Gillespie's teachings since the VERY FIRST EDITION of Self-Management for Actors in 2003 (I have every single edition in print form, plus her other books Casting Q's and Ninja Within) & I have read every single one of her weekly articles on Actors Access religiously every Monday for years (these are free, so you should be reading them). I was truly blessed to make this wonderful connection with her shortly after my arrival in L.A. as I'm sure it prevented me from making some awful mistakes, premature moves or just plain packing it up and moving back to Ohio. Now it's time to give back for everything she has given to us actors. I consider my interactions with her not just a working relationship that I have nurtured for the past 10 years, but she is also a wonderful friend as well offering me much support in the form of a listening ear (that at times I was sure I would talk off) when my father was dying & passed away. This book is not just about acting, there are principles (god I hope I used the right one or she'll grammar police me) that can be applied to any type of business model. I love you, Bons and I'm going to campaign my hardest to make this a reality not just for you on a personal level, but for the simple fact that no one should be denied this knowledge.

Donate to the SMFA Indiegogo campaign (fyi, a mere $25 will get you a physical copy of the book that I deem as part of the Holy Trinity of acting books in Hollywood)
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