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Why I know (for a fact) college athletes are already getting paid

I'm hoping that the NCAA has some sort of statute of limitations for this kind of thing. Otherwise, I apologize in advance for possibly getting one of my colleges in some potential hot water over the things that I'm about to say. The fact is that it needs to be said, though, in light of all the recent debacles regarding athletes getting paid in one way, shape or form for things whether it be tattoos, cash, dinners, whatever. It's absolutely ridiculous how the NCAA keeps "making examples" of players and/or programs for something that pretty much everyone is doing & that's getting paid. I know it's happening because I got paid myself.

I played 2 year of college tennis for a now-Division II school (after transferring from a Division I school…don't get me started on the BS transfer rules that kept me from going to another Division I school w/o having to sit out a year. that's a whole other post). They were making the transition from NAIA to D2 while I was there. Both of those years, I was the top dog of the team: the first singles player and half of the first doubles team. I made first team all-conference in singles both years, first team doubles 1 year and honorable mention in doubles another year. My reward for that? $1000 cold hard cash in an unmarked white envelope at the end of the season, slid to me from the coach in his office with the disclaimer "don't tell anyone especially your teammates about this"

Now….if I'm a female, playing a MINOR non-money generating sport at a pretty much Division II school and I'm getting paid for my successes, think about it. I suspect even the place kicker at a non-football based school like Indiana Univ is getting a little envelope slipped under his dorm room door on Sunday morning after a win. That also means that Big Man on Campus at Football U is getting cash, cars, whatever the hell he wants from someone whether it be the program, the boosters, whatever. I don't believe for a hot second that Johnny Manziel didn't benefit in some way from signing all those autographs and I also don't believe that someone his age would just spend hours signing them just to be a nice person for fans.

The rules are ridiculous considering the millions that colleges make off of some of their so-called student-athletes and the punishments is even more laughable. Johnny Manziel got ONE HALF of a football game??!? 30 minutes?!?! I showed up for a morning practice late and hungover once and got more than that. I got 2 matches for that!

The NCAA is a joke and it's just a matter of time until college athletics explode like a powder keg. It's coming…trust me on this.
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