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Dear person who owes me a copy of my work…an actor's lament.

This is for all you actors who do "for copy" projects to build their reels. The models who do "trade" shoots to build their portfolios and the makeup artists & stylists who work on both sometimes and then the person on the other end doesn't deliver the goods aka your copy.

Dear person who owes me a copy of my work:

This is the equivalent of not paying me for my services. It is highly unprofessional and disrespectful. Then again, you could say that my writing this is just as bad, but at least I'm not calling you out by name….yet. I showed up for a photo shoot that you needed me for. I showed up on time, prepared and gave you the poses you needed for your project. In return, you agreed to shoot a scene for my reel.

I honored my agreement and now you need to honor yours. The day of our shoot. I was ready. My scene partner and I had rehearsed several times in advance, we shopped for wardrobe, came up with makeup and set dressing, we knew our lines, took our direction and did whatever you asked to make the scene (that you wrote) look good. We did our job! BTW….I did that just HOURS after a huge fight with my boyfriend which actually left me staying at said scene partner's apartment for a couple of days. I didn't let that affect my performance, though, instead channelling it into my character.

I have been EXTREMELY sympathetic to your having a rough time with life in the weeks & months following our shoot, so i was willing to give you a little leeway. We even gave you the option to send us our copy via Dropbox so you wouldn't have to deal with a hard copy transfer. My patience has run out, though…mostly because you told me you would do the dropbox in the next couple days and well, that was like over a month ago. We're running 8 months now on this project. It's unacceptable and it's hurtful when you are now posting casting notices for other projects on Facebook and LACasting.

Did it not turn out the way you wanted? I'm an agreeable person…you can just tell me it's not reel quality looking. I'll accept that if the sound or video was messed up. I'm not going to be all butthurt about it.

The hard part is that I know people who are PERFECT for the parts you are casting, but I don't want to send them your way for fear that you will do the same thing to them that you have done to me. Then it becomes a problem with those people who I've established relationships with. It's that whole Web of Trust thing that Bonnie Gillespie speaks.

You're a good person. I like you. I like the things you've done for fellow actors in the past & I know we all have rough patches in life. Please consider doing the right thing and finishing my project before you start on these new ones. I really don't want to be a bitch about this, but I also feel I deserve what i'm owed.
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