Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

My urban garden party

This is just more proof that I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world.

A couple of years ago, Brendan bought me a planter box so i could start my own herb garden outside of our apartment. I planted some herbs and put the planter on the ground next to our building. We also made a few more planters out of wine boxes. That ended up being a fail…the snails attacked it, the bugs attacked, the strays in the neighborhood peed on it and almost everything was unusable. Everything else pretty much died when it got bitterly cold by LA standards and frost hit.

So this spring, we came up with a new plan. An expanded & elevated planter box. There are spots for the individual wine box planters to go in and then a shelf for my existing planter box to sit on. Brendan sketched it all out, bought the wood, built it with his own hands. when he was done, I painted it a bright lavender. Before everything was in it, it almost looked like he was building me an upright piano.

With so many boxes now, I also decided to incorporate some flowers into the mix. I started out with strawberries, cucumbers, poblano & yellow peppers (in addition to the red peppers that survived from the year before…barely), squash, marigolds, peas, some pink flowers, basil, rosemary, oregano, cilantro, dill and cat grass.

Almost immediately, the cat grass bit it so I planted some catnip seeds which never popped through the soil. The strawberries have yet to produce a bloom (i think I got a bum starter plant or something…it just keeps producing more and more green leaves though). The peas exploded at first, but then turned yellow and died. The squash keeps blooming, but no squash….I'm starting to think maybe I should just start harvesting the blooms and frying them up. The cilantro fizzled out after one good harvest. The oregano and basil are flourishing though. The dill is struggling. I'd say i'm about 50/50 on having a green thumb.

I added a couple more boxes this week….1 with tarragon and sage, another box with more flowers. I was going to replant peas, but they didn't have any seeds at the store, so I went with spinach instead & I'm trying YET AGAIN with the catnip. Brendan is convinced that the 1 spring that did manage to pop through the soil on the last planting was snapped up by a stray cat, but I think it just didn't make it.

Oh yeah…we also have a pineapple! Brendan planted the top of a pineapple into a box and i laughed at him for "planting garbage" and then the thing got so darn big that he had to transplant it from the box into the ground by our apartment. From what I hear, you can also plant lettuce and celery that way as well.

That's before I added the new stuff.
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