Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

I don't blame ya, Phoenix…i would've escaped animal hoarding too.

I was walking Ralph tonight when I saw my neighbor who has the most beautiful yard on the block. Go figure, he's a landscaper. He's also the same neighbor who celebrates his bday by planting trees in the neighborhood: 1 for every year he is turning.

I've been fascinated for a while by what appears to be a treehouse in his yard that I can see from our apartment windows, so I ask him about it. He invites me in, shows me his gorgeous yard and the deck that is on top of his former garage (now an office)…hence the treehouse appearance.

We get to talking about how his animals are rescues, mine are rescues, his daughter volunteers at an animal shelter in Hollywood and we get on the topic of all the strays in the neighborhood. He tells me that he once took away 68 cats from his next door neighbor. I'm not completely shocked, but that sure as heck explains why that particular house reeked of cat urine from the sidewalk when we first moved into the neighborhood. This same house also used to have cats all over the freaking roof…turns out, they were using it as a restroom because they had nowhere else to go on the property.

When we first found Phoenix about a year ago, I was 95% convinced that she was fathered by one of those cats and now tonight I learned that the siamese cat that is constantly pregnant in our neighborhood belongs(ed) to this guy as well. I say "belongs(ed)" because I haven't seen her in a while, but just a few days ago I heard mewing in the alley, peeked my head over the fence and saw a little pure looking siamese kitten bouncing about in the alley. I also learned that this guy now has a bunch of puppies as well….because the idiot didn't get his dog spayed either. According to my neighbor, the guy's excuse is that he's from the country and that's just how you do it with your animals…you have a lot of them. Oh yeah, he also doesn't have any power or water in his house from what the neighbor tells me….he runs his house off the grid with a generator.

On one hand, I am so grateful that a year ago, a little scrawny 6-8 week old kitten scrapped her way across the alley, through a hole in our fence and started circling my feet so she could be saved from, what is obviously, a horrific case of animal hoarding. On the other hand, I'm pissed! I'm so angry that she was born into such a situation. I want to turn this guy in & save these other animals, but I know they will just take away the animals and probably kill them simply because there are probably not enough homes.

I know….I can't save them all….doesn't mean I don't want to do something to at least try.
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