Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

A little update about my life.

I haven't written in what seems like forever….ok, about a month, but when I used to blog like every single day for years and years, well a month is a long time. I've been busy & some weeks I've pretty much barely had time to pee. That's the blunt reality of it. Not really fun when you have a small bladder either (I have the ultrasound to prove that by the way)

Anyway, I've been up to some things here and there.

-I went home to Ohio for 10 days at the end of May. Took my mom to 3 baseball games (minor league Dayton Dragons & Columbus Clippers, then Reds/Indians with my bff from high school that we all lovingly refer to as Jason #1 & his gf who I also went to high school with). Mom did the chicken dance at the Dragons game. The video is on my Facebook and I really want to find a way to get it to The Ellen Show because mom loves Ellen, watches her every day and well, it seems like one of those random videos that Ellen loves to toss onto her show. Mom needs nice things like that. She's earned it. I also went to the other Reds/Indians game in Cincy and the one of the game between the 2 teams in Cleveland. BTW, that game….yeah, the Indians put me up in the Social Media Suite. That's what happens when you drunk tweet the president of the Cleveland Indians basically asking him to "hook you up" when you come home. I got 2 tickets and Brendan didn't go to Ohio with me, so I asked my Cleveland Twitter followers who wanted go, threw names in a hat and drew a winner. So very vintage Chad Ochocinco of me.
-While I was in Cleveland, I had to go on a culinary adventure. After all, there are a couple of Food Network worthy chefs there. First, Iron Chef Michael Symon has his downtown restaurant Lola and Chris Hodge (who was 2nd on Great Food Truck Race & is now on this season of Next Food Network Star) has Hodges Cleveland. Hodge also employs Charles Ramsey…the gentleman who helped rescue the Cleveland kidnapping victims who were held for like 10 years. I actually ate the burger named after him…The Ramsey burger. At Lola, I had this heavenly appetizer dubbed the beef cheek pierogi since you can't go to Cleveland and NOT have a pierogi. that's like going to NYC and not having some pizza.
-Brendan and I are doing better for the most part. I guess that's all I can really say about that since he's so anti-social media & he doesn't particularly care for me "airing our relationship". Even me cutting down on Twitter and Facebook is still not enough for him. He doesn't get that this is the new way to network if you are in the entertainment business. I've gotten jobs, meetings and other opportunities from social media. it's still a point of contention between us. I'm pretty sure that he would much rather I delete all of my social media. Even my wanting to blog more is probably a problem because it involves me being on my computer. If a Facebook messages comes into my email box even, I get accused of being on Facebook too much. I feel like I'm not allowed to multitask on my computer. I have to do exactly what I say I'm doing when I say I'm doing it.
-He did build me a garden box so I could re-plant my herb garden along with a few other veggies & some flowers and not worry about the strays in the neighborhood peeing on it if they come on our property. I even painted it a bright pastel purple.
-Acting wise: things have been up and down. It seems like it is kind of slow right now. I joined The Actors Network only to have it close up shop at the end of this month. I'm so crushed because it was becoming a really valuable resource for me. it took me forever to be able to afford to join and now it's gone. le sad. At least my power group (accountability group) has plans to continue outside of the studio.
-The representation hunt it on in the household. it's been so up and down. we get a promising lead on an agent or manager and then no meetings. We've tried everything except paying for a showcase. Tried referrals, but it just amazes me how selfish other actors can be when it comes to that. I can understand if the person is the same type as you but that has never been the case here. It just blows my mind. I would never do that. i guess I'm just a nicer person when it comes to helping out my fellow actor especially if I know that person is in a bit of bind when it comes to their representation. I am especially grateful for those who did help out though.
-Ralphie and Phoenix are great. Phoenix turned 1 on Thursday. it's crazy to think that I've almost had her for a year….we found her when she about 6-8 weeks old, so we just counted backwards from the date we found her, picked a date in the range and that's her bday.
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