Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

The baseball world according to Amy

Just some random thoughts about me and the game I love most of all. The first sport I remember watching….sometime around the age of 3. You may agree or disagree. I don't care.

-Unlike Crash Davis, I love the designated hitter. Watching pitchers trying to bat is almost painful at times. It's almost always a guaranteed out and what a way to kill a damn rally or a comeback. The DH is exciting and it also keeps a solid hitter in the league a few years after his body has called it quits for playing in the field on a daily basis….Jim Thome, Travis Hafner, anyone?
-I sure as shit after bad Mexican food think Ryan Braun was on the juice. He was just smart enough to know how to bail his ass out of the situation and pretty much also got lucky. Dude didn't need it though and that's the sad part. Still, i'm not stupid, which is why he is on my fantasy team. It was a moral dilemma for me, but I like winning.
-Closers are crazy and I think that's why i like them. I just said today that I'd love to have a dinner party with Chris Perez, Brian Wilson, Aroldis Chapman. I guess Tom Wilhelmsen can show up too, but that's only because we'll need a bartender. (if you don't get that, then you don't know the story about his past)
-Plain and simple on this one and I will fight you to the damn death on it and then I will have my late father beat you in the afterlife as well (may he rest in peace): Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. I also believe that Bud Selig's grudge against the city/fans of Cincy for still worshipping Rose is why it has taken so long for their beautiful stadium to the All-Star game. (fyi, you can still buy Pete Rose jerseys in Cincy, just mere FEET from stadium and official team store, just not at either one. Technically, the little stand is on the ballpark property, but no one has shut this guy down yet). Screw what this dude did….he wouldn't be the first person of scrupulous character in the Hall of Fame. He never tanked a game because he always bet on his team to win and well, the HOF is full of racists, addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, womanizers, assaulters, adulterers, bootleggers, organized crime connections and other questionable behavior.
-Chief Wahoo….yeah? so what? I don't care. Don't like him? simple solution….go like another team.
-I constantly find myself using quotes from Major League and Bull Durham for other aspects in life.
-I have a coconut with Chief Wahoo on it. I got in Key West on my cruise this past Jan. I rub it daily like Notre Dame players hit that "Play Like A Champion today" sign.

I'm sure i'll have more thoughts, but that's all that I have right now off the top of my head. I'm sure there will be more.
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