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I've got my own March Madness going on here.

I put it out there in the universe and the universe appears to have delivered. Shortly after I made my blog post about not having any auditions, I got a couple to be exact. Didn't apparently book the gigs, but I must have made a good impression on the one because they called me back in today for another project. Always good when you have repeat business. Means you must be do something right.

My new hair guy is awesome. He knew I had an audition after my appointment so he got me done promptly and had me on my way with time to spare.

I also had a photo shoot today modeling for a photography workshop. It's a paid gig and it's pretty hit or miss whether I'll get any usable photos for my portfolio, but again…it's a paid gig. Scheduled my fitting for Friday for the industrial that I booked which shoots next week. I also booked a 2-line role in a web series that shoots on Saturday morning (oh yeah, I close at work on Friday night. hello, lack of sleep. haven't seen you in a while) I'd say I had a pretty packed day today. I think the hardest part is coming home and knowing that there's still some housework to be done when all I want to do is crash on the couch. The animals don't help either by curling up in balls and sleeping….hello! a little energy to keep me awake & motivated would be nice! Lazy!

Turned down an audition as well today. Reason? it's a non-paid student project and they want me to drive clear to San Diego for the audition. Um, maybe if you would put that in the casting notice I wouldn't have submitted in the first place. Only way I'm hauling my tail at least 2 hours south is for a PAID gig. end of story. Thankfully, my fitting conflicted with the audition so easy out. Conflict is a conflict.

I should probably knock on wood so as not to jinx myself because every time I say something like this, it goes to crap again….anyway, Brendan and I seem to be doing a lot better. We're still not perfect, but things are getting better. I'm still frustrated that he can't find an agent or manager. It's complete bullshit. He has more acting talent in his little finger than I have in my whole entire body, yet I'm the one going on all of these auditions. I don't know what to do. We've sent submissions…nothing. we've asked for referrals…as always no one wants to share their freaking toys. I don't know what else to do.

Looks like the rest of my week is packed between projects & work….and of course, some quality time with Brendan. We already had a little bit of that this week. He got invited to go on a private tour of the Golden Road Brewery company here in Los Angeles (They brew Point the Way IPA) & he took me with him. Nothing like spending lunch with a beer in your hand touring a brewery. Looking in the vats where they brew the beer, I could only help but think of the movie Strange Brew and then with the assembly line where they can the beer, I was thinking "put a glove on it" like Laverne and Shirley, but they have a MUCH smaller assembly line. I never knew how they put stuff into a can whether it be soda, beer whatever. I always thought that they had to put it through the little hole in the can and then seal it up. Nope. turns out there is no top on the can when it gets filled up, then the lid is gently placed on top and then this crazy machine seals it on top and pushes out all the foam in the process. You can actually see the topless cans on their website. We finished with lunch in the brewery's pub.

I've also been tracking down my demo reel footage. Now that I've paid off some of my credit cards, I figure I can put what I spending on those payments towards casting director workshops. Of course, if i'm going to start going on for real theatrical roles (and by that I mean paying union tv/film auditions), I'm going to have to have that reel done and available.

Things are starting to happen. I just have to work on balancing everything and perfecting my time management….easier said than done with baseball season approaching, but at least now I have my mobile app. I can watch games on the go like i did while my hair color was processing today.
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