Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

My message for guys who can't take a hint….I GOTTA MAN!

What is it with guys who just won't take the hint that you are NOT interested in them because YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? Especially when they know you're not just dating this guy, you are in a long-term relationship and live with said boyfriend.

The place i encounter this the most is at work. Guy will be all flirty and I know what's coming, so I say something about my boyfriend. He keeps trying to pry info from me (dude, trying to work here), so I'll take it a little further and add that we've been together for over 2 years or that we live together. The worst is when they start asking for my number and I say no and they decide now is the time for the full-court press which usually results in them getting Brendan's phone number not mine because I can rattle it off as quickly as my own. I know eventually this will bite me in the ass when someone comes back into my work all miffed that I gave them a guy's phone number but hey…should've taken the hint the first TEN times I told you I had a boyfriend.

Tell me I'm beautiful, ask me how my day was all you want, but it's not getting you anywhere. My heart belongs to the handsome, blue-eyed guy from New Jersey who says DAH-WG, has the wacky laugh & the cute little dog. END OF STORY! (and let me say at this point….even if you're Matt Damon….you had your chance :P )
Tags: brendan, dating, restaurants
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