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This month, I'm taking Killian's Commercial Workshop. It's a 4-week class that is taught by a working commercial casting director and he obviously gets results because people seem to book left and right after taking this class. Also, there's about a 4-5 month wait to get into the class (I paid for the class back in like October and i'm just now attending), so it's a high demand class as well.

One of the class mantras is "leap and the net will appear" & I'm ready to take what I've learned in just the first 2 weeks and………no auditions. It's been insanely slow for me. Even the 2 casting directors that call me in all the freakin time haven't brought me in for over a month. I haven't had a single audition this whole month….for anything. I did get a couple possible auditions for student projects but then the material was awful that I just had to decline the audition. There's a certain point in time when there's no benefit to taking a gig/audition just to take it, there has to be some benefit if you book the part.

I'm so frustrated because i'm ready to take the leap and now it's like i'm on flat land and nowhere to jump. Come on universe….a metaphorical cliff, bridge, heck even a curb.