Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

My top tweets from the Oscars

In no particular order, my top tweets written by me after the Oscars….because my ass was stuck at work and therefore, they were in my head until after the show!

-and again, Adele and Jennifer Hudson should duet on singing a Craigslist ad or 7 just to prove that THAT to would win awards…..For Sale a 1994 Mustang GT with power steering….
-I will never look at Denzel again without thinking of the brown socks in my drawer chugging minibar bottles of Jack Daniels
-btw....we saw your boobs
-Jack Nicholson: "I'm only here because the Lakers game was earlier"
-Meryl Streep could pick her nose while announcing the nominees and no one would care cuz she's Meryl Streep...a wedgie is nothing.
-good to see that comforter I threw out get repurposed for Jennifer Lawrence's dress
-if Daniel Day-Lewis' wife sleeps with him while he's in character, does that mean they have an open marriage?
-btw how hammered was Tarantino?!?! shots shots shots shots!!!
-does Affleck call Matt Damon now, say "one up! tag! you're it!" and hang up? #oscars
-someone tell Anne Hathaway that Les Mis is over...she can eat again.
-Adele and Melissa McCarthy need to stop bogarding the burgers and give some to that poor starving gal from Django
-Charlize gets an award for best Sharon Stone imitation.
-Ben affleck is like "eff you!!!!" & clooney should've just grabbed the mic, threw it on the stage & walked off
Tags: hollywood
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