Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

How stupid @dish network can be

We have Dish Network in our household and while it does provide me with all my basic television watching needs, it is severely lacking in one area: sports.

Sure I can get STO so I can watch "All Bets are Off" and "Chuck's Last Call" but what I can't get are the actual Indians games because Dish doesn't offer MLB Extra Innings and they haven't for the past 2 seasons. Their inept customer service reps or whatever intern is stuck answering their twitter feed like to appease me with is "oh well we have MLB Network" or "Well we have MLB Strike Zone" (yeah…2 days at week for 3 hours…fyi, that is NOT a baseball package. That is the equivalent to NFL Red Zone. Oh yeah, they also don't have the NFL package, but that's okay, now that I play fantasy football, I actually prefer the Red Zone. A Phins game every now and then would be nice though). They even told us last year when we were considering a switch to DirectTV…oh baseball package is coming. LIE!!! Instead, it was that stupid Strike Zone….again, NOT a baseball package. Since they are too dumb to figure it out, let me explain…a baseball package is when I can watch OUT OF MARKET games in their ENTIRETY from START to FINISH with my team's broadcast!

I found a way around their ridiculousness though. My landlord introduced us to the Roku box so we can stream via the package (which I might add is cheaper than Extra Innings and also allows you to stream on other devices….Tribe game while at the gym anyone?). Having to get some passive-aggressiveness out of my system, I made sure to brag about my discovery on twitter while putting Dish's twitter handle in the comment as well.

These idiots just do NOT get it though. "oh let me submit a request on your behalf to show demand for that programming", "oh I'm sorry you're not satisfied with our service". It's almost as if they have a robot automated to give those responses whenever something like that pops into their twitter feed.

Go ahead submit the request, too late now. There is more than one way to peel a potato and I'll continue to mock you on Twitter while I'm enjoying Indians games on my 42" tv….and Reds games….and Mets games….and any damn game I want.

Also….since I put their twitter name in the title. let's see what their response is to this…I'm sure there will be one, there always is. haha.
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