Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Breakdown of my life this week

This week is total cray cray. it goes a little something like this.

-memorize 6 page script to film a scene with my actors action group for my demo reel.
-memorize 2 commercials in the next 24-48 hours. 1 for an audition in L.A., the other I have to film and send to my agent in Cincy.
-gym gym gym and more gym because I have about a week to drop another 5-10 lbs for my audition video for a fashion show in January in Ohio.
-practice walking in heels for 15-30 minutes per day so I don't fall on my ass and become fashion road kill in my audition video…..oh i haven't done runway shows since like 2009 or 10, my boyfriend is 1 inch taller than me and I have bad ankles so I rarely, if ever, wear heels. Can I audition in ballet flats?
-the usual household stuff like cleaning, walking Ralph, making sure Phoenix doesn't eat the Christmas tree or parts of it.
-prep menu for Thanksgiving
-sleep, eat, shower….oh and work 4 shifts this weekend along with filming all day on Saturday before work (a closing shift until 2am nonetheless)
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