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Dear Cleveland Indians, I'm locking you out.

The Cleveland Indians fired manager Manny Acta yesterday and for me, it's the final straw. I can't take it anymore. When I heard the news (a text message from my friend James), I was livid. Add the lies, bullshit and false promises from Indians GM Chris Antonetti and Indians president Mark Shapiro and my level of pissitivity went from like a 10 to a 27 on a scale of 10. (feel free to tweet them your regards, that's what the links are for). I seriously have not been this angry and bitter towards any of my teams since He Who Shall Not Be Named had his "Decision" on national television. Sure I was pretty miffed about the whole Ochocinco in Miami debacle, but every now and then the Dolphins surprise me with a first-round playoff loss. The Indians are finishing LAST or next to last for like the 4th time in the past 5 seasons.

All this front office has done is bad trade after bad trade (Cliff Lee begat Jason Knapp…yeah who? oh the guy that got hurt and never pitched, CC Sabathia for the abysmal Matt LaPorta aka Door Matt), offered up washed up free agents as "major offseason acquisitions" (Johnny Damon, anyone?) and let's not forget that they basically gave Grady Sizemore $5 MILLION dollars to basically camp out in a training room while being "nursed" back to health by his playmate girlfriend. They overpay for mediocrity & players with chronic DL habits and trade away/won't pay for players who actually make a difference (they traded Brandon Phillips over so-called attitude problems and personality conflicts with then manager Eric Wedge, they passed on Tim Lincecum over a signing bonus after drafting him & Josh Willingham wanted 3-years, they only wanted 2). Every year it's like some badge of honor that the front office hasn't gone to arbitration with any players for like 20 years. it's not something to be proud of, it's called trying to lowball players who are actually worth something…no wonder every player that can leave Cleveland for more money does when they are eligible for free agency. I wouldn't want to work for a bunch of tightwad cheapasses either and THAT falls on the owner's lap. He's just as incompetent as well by putting the blame on the fans. Guess what asshole? You have to spend money to make money. I'm an actor in Hollywood. I didn't just roll my car into L.A., stand on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, yell "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille" and they put me on TV. No, I had to invest a lot of my hard-earned cash for head shots, classes, workshops, etc to get seen by the right people in order to get paid for what I do. This joker obviously hasn't seen Field of Dreams either…"if you build it, they will come". well, Dolan, you seem to have built a nice AAA-level team, so don't be surprised by your AAA-level attendance number. Maybe once you start putting a halfway decent major league lineup on the field, major league attendance will show up without the gimmicks of dollar dogs, fireworks or some of the other brilliant bullshit promotions this team has tried to pull to boost attendance. All I know is that you won't be doing it with my money. I'm sick of funding this shitshow…which is truly what it has become. The damn laughing stock of baseball….and i'm not even talking Major League laughing stock because even your "Wild Thing Vaughn", your actual heat-seeking-missle-throwing pitcher is calling your asses out for the beyond 99-cent-store frugality of this owner/front office.

That's right. I'm boycotting. I've done the math. Since Manny Acta took over the team, I've spent on various merchandise (mostly jerseys), plane tickets to Ohio, tickets to games in Ohio (both Cleveland and Cincinnati/Battle of Ohio), travel for 2 trips to spring training in Phoenix (hotel, food, tickets, etc), gas/tickets to almost every single game in Anaheim vs the Angels…I've probably spent upwards of $3000-5000….MINIMUM. Hell, I have $100 alone in Indians underwear from Victoria's Secret where I've probably spent $1000 in Tribe merchandise from their team shop. If I didn't live 2500 miles from the stadium and had season tickets, I would cancel them in disgust. I have poured so much money into my loyalty for this team so I don't think i'm selfishly asking for much. Hell, I'd simply be happy with a winning record. According to Dolan and the front office though….I'm one of those fans "spoiled by the 90s teams". I call bullshit on that because John Hart worked his ass off to build those teams from strong drafts and solid trades. All one has to do is look at the recent success of the Texas Rangers to see another shining example of his track record.

This front office has to go. That's the harsh reality of it. Nothing is going to change until they are gone….ESPECIALLY Mark Shapiro. This clown should've been fired eons ago, but instead, someone stupidly gave this douchenozzle a fucking promotion to president. This about your job, the one you hold. If you were constantly making mistakes and sucking, would you get promoted? no and neither would I at my job. My ass would be checking craigslist for a new gig in about 5 minutes flat. Instead….this sashat gets A PROMOTION!!! Hey dog, thanks for biting me, here's a treat for doing so.

The problem ISN'T Manny Acta and the losing isn't going to stop with Sandy Alomar Jr, Terry Francona or whoever they hire. The Indians could hire Jesus Christ to manage and Timmy Tebow to play any position and this team would fail. It is set up for failure because the bottom line is: THE FRONT OFFICE SUCKS AND MUST GO!

Insanity is doing the same things over and over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Well I'm going to pull a Susan Powter here and at least stop my personal insanity. I'm not dropping another penny on this team until this front office is gone. They are the problem. plain and simple. If you consider me a bandwagon fan for it, so be it, but I've stuck through 100 loss seasons but at least then, I had hope. As long as Shapiro and Antonetti are running the show, there isn't even that. I'll be at the Reds table (cheering on my mom's team) or the Mets table (cheering on my boyfriend's team)….The Reds are proof that you can win in a smaller-market and the Mets, well they're proof that you can rebuild through hard times… least they aren't LYING to their fans about the realities of their situations.

ps: Shapiro and Antonetti…you are so bad, you not only make Chief Wahoo weep, you make him want to down a bottle of straight Everclear and jump off the 480 bridge.
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