Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Excuse me? who is the racist?

I got called a racist today on Facebook for the simple comment "Raiders fans are criminals". Now nowhere in that comment is race ever mentioned, but somehow…it's racist according to the person who called me a racist. This person obviously doesn't watch a lot of sports or at least not engrossed in the culture of NFL fandom. It's commonly joked about that Raiders players and fans are "criminals".

Now I was just stating a fact considering that the Raiders have the 2nd highest number of criminal incidents in the NFL at their games behind the Philadelphia Eagles. The Raiders are the most penalized team in the NFL each season and the NFL has to make numerous new rules each year because of the Raiders' unsportsmanlike conduct. Plus, they have troublemaker Terrelle Pryor on their team (ok, that's just me having a personal grudge) & how many times has their kicker been in legal trouble? There have been shootings in their stadium parking lot amongst other violence. Let's just say they have a reputation on and off the field.

No, this is just the case of someone getting their politically-correct panties wadded and wedgied up in their vadgey-wadgey. I swear, we're becoming a nation of pussies who can't take a little ribbing. The best part is when this individual follows it up with a comment "I hate white chicks"

So tell me….who is the racist? I think the lady (who called me a racist...though should I really be calling her a lady?) doth protest too much.

PS: and if you are curious…Google "raiders fans criminal activity".
Tags: football, opinions
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