Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

bad things happen when wannabe hipster nerds try to talk sports.

A couple weeks ago, 3 guys wandered into my work acting like they were "too cool for Silver Lake". Yep….wannabe hipsters. They lean back in their chairs, act like they don't care about anything and spend like 10 minutes ordering their 3 IPAs ala beer snobs. So NOT the demographic of where I work. I say wannabe because in reality they are 100% complete and total nerds. I'm talking full blown real life Big Band Theory nerds here.

Their hipster act is totally obnoxious and I know right away that they're going to be "frugal" as the endgame of our encounter. The time comes to pay and the one has a card decorated with Univ of California logo on it. Yes, the same Cal that Ohio State played today.

So I mention that I'm headed to Ohio in a couple weeks & that i'm trying to get a ticket to the game and the one interrupts me to say "Cal is going to kick Ohio State's ass"

I couldn't help it. I just flat out busting laughing at their table. I seriously couldn't hold it back. Now getting the vibe that they're not leaving a bunch of dough when they leave, I reply (of course in a flirty manner) "oh that's so cute. you actually think they're going to win. You must not watch a lot of football."

Then one of the other ones chimes in with some comment about how Ohio State cheats. Again, misinformed. cheating would imply we did something on the actual field. We didn't cheat, we just misbehaved off the field.

This poor misinformed wannabe hipsters. Someone needed to tell them harsh reality that is "Dear are the Northwestern of the PAC-12. Please accept your role as the school that keeps the conference GPA high, collect your football checks on Saturday and sashay away."

Now granted the game was a little closer than I would've like it to have been, but I can only wonder how those nerds who told me Cal would kick OSU's butt are feeling right about now. Probably too busy playing video games in their moms' basements and analyzing the "nuances" of their IPAs.
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