Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

How my hair gently weeps & mourns for its maestro

I've been with the same hair guy for years…probably since about 2005 or 06. I adore him, he gets me, I get him and he makes me look fabulous. Well I called the other day to make my root touch-up appointment and I get this silence of about 3 seconds on the other end of the line and then "yeah, he's been M.I.A. for about 3 weeks now"

Of course this has me worried since he's had some health problems over the past couple years even to the point that he was gone from the salon for a bit and another guy (who he approved) had to do my hair. In that 3-second silence, my mind goes racing hoping he is okay. So, I figure maybe he's gone to another salon or something and I'll just follow him there. Call his cell….no voicemail, just a message telling that the person I've dialed can't be reached & doesn't have a voicemail set up. Now I'm even more concerned. I sincerely do hope that he is okay & I have no way of finding out one way or another.

Life goes on, though and I have roots that have to be taken care of for professional reasons. I figure this means I'm going to have to find a new hair person….let's see, I'll just go to the guy who subbed for him. WRONG! he's leaving the salon as well. Well crap, there goes that plan.

There's one other guy at the salon. I'm "auditioning" him on Friday. If that doesn't work then I'm going to have to find another salon all together probably (I'm not particularly fond of the girls there). Part of the reason I go to that salon is that I spend so much on my hair & I get rewards program points for it which I can then use for free beauty products later in the year after they accumulate.

Beloved hair guy Brent, I don't know where you are or what has happened to you, but I hope you are well. You did wonders with my hair and I am grateful for the time I had with you.
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