Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Why I'm standing by Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson

One of my favorite all-time favorite football players, Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco, was arrested Saturday night for ALLEGEDLY head butting his wife, Evelyn Lozada (of VH1's Basketball Wives). Now you may be quick to jump the gun and think that this is just another thug athlete/celebrity pulling an OJ Simpson/Chris Brown. I'm here to prove otherwise….or at least give my argument why I think that's not the case.

Let's start off with the fact that this chick is obviously a sports groupie. First she's with a basketball player & that doesn't pan out so now she's with Chad. (which by the way, I think is the stupidest thing he's ever done on/off a football field). There is a certain culture with these type of women. I saw it working public relations for a professional soccer team, I've seen it as a sports journalist and I've seen it from the fan standpoint as well. These women will throw themselves at anything with a jock strap & a professional contract. These are the girls you see at games dressed completely like it's time to go to the club (or the pole) instead of dressed to go see a sporting event.

Have you seen an episode of Basketball Wives? I personally can't even stoop that low on the reality show totem pole to do so (sorry, I draw the line at Jersey Shore), but I checked out a few clips on because I heard that Lozada had a history of violent & volatile behavior. Sure enough….bingo! After seeing some of these clips, it's evidence enough for me to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, SHE was the one doing the head butting and then decided to cry foul when she busted her head open. In the one clip, she jumped on a table and was throwing whole pieces of furniture at one of these chicks who is SUPPOSED to be her long-time friend. That's not going to work in your favor, Miss Thang when court time comes around.

Now let's look at Chad. He's been a model citizen for the most part. Sure there are his antics on the football field and numerous fines for tweets and touchdown celebrations, but as far as the legal system is concerned, he's been clean…until now. He takes care of his kids, you never hear about him not paying child support or any baby mama drama, he doesn't drink, he doesn't really party it up. Instead, he's treating fans to football tickets, movies, dinners, trips, prizes, etc. I'm thinking if he had a "history", we for sure would've heard some of these baby mamas saying they got slapped around as well (who knows, maybe now we will and if so I will address it then and apologize for being so blunt here). I'm sure I would've heard a story or two from a girl I used to work with who KNOWS him. The only stories I've heard from her is what a goof he is.

I smell a fly in the ointment…..a dirty trampy star fucking fly….if you know what I mean.

Again, we don't have the 100% full details & we probably never will. You weren't there, I wasn't there, but when one person has a history of being a trifling troublemaker and the other person just has a history of harmless fun-based mischief…well, it makes you wonder.

This leads me to questioning my fandom of the Miami Dolphins as well. I've been a fan of this team for almost 30 years and I'm little disgusted and perturbed that they gave a guy like Ricky Wiliams what seemed to be chance after chance after chance to stop acting like a knucklehead. Ochocinco apparently didn't even get a chance to talk with the coach or team before they axed him….I know a football team isn't the legal system but so much for "innocent until proven guilty". It just seems a little hypocritical of the organization to me. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth considering that this team has been mired in mediocrity for what seems like forever (hell I even said in my standup act that the last time the dolphins won a super bowl, my mother could've still legally aborted me…and not had Timmy Tebow and his mama lecture her about it at halftime. yes, I was a fetus the last time the Dolphins won a Super Bowl. I was still playing with Barbie dolls the last time they actually went to a Super Bowl). Anyway, we don't have any receivers to begin with and Ocho was going to be the prime candidate. I'm starting to wonder if I should just return the hoodie I just ordered and find a new team to cheer for.

Again…prove otherwise in a court of law or give me more than one report & i'll take back what I'm saying. Until then, I'm going to be rocking my Bengals' Ochocinco jersey in support of him.
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