Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

The Strasburg Debate

The big story in baseball for a good part of this season is the innings limit placed on Washington National pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg. The plan is when he reaches the limit, the shuts down for the season and taken out of their rotation & put on the shelf until next season. Well, now there is a wrench in the plans as the Nationals are actually in contention for the playoffs.

Now call me dumb or I just don't get the technical aspects of pitcher momentum/mechanics, but knowing they might need him in come postseason, why didn't they start skipping every other start after the all-star break? Maybe move him to the bullpen for a bit? I know you really don't want to screw with his mechanics or head by doing that, but you're in a playoff race. Heck, the Indians moved Josh Tomlin to the pen. Granted, he's having starter issues (isn't the whole indians staff at this point?), but still if the Tribe needed a starter on the fly, he would be there. I'm sure the Nationals don't want to do that given Stasburg's salary, ability to sell tickets/popularity, etc, but again…playoff race. You're going to need him when it matters most and he's not going to be available because you burnt him out staying in the race. They need to manage this like a fantasy baseball league with start limits.
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