Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

This is how ludacrious modeling is at times

I went to an open call for a body parts modeling agency after being invited to it by the agency owner after sending some pictures to her. Remember that…the sending pictures in advance, it will be useful later. I spend the next 2 weeks whitening my teeth and being even more OCD/anal retentive about my teeth than I already am. I go to the call and she completely blows me off and tells me 'no" without even looking at all my smiley pix in my portfolio.

Key point: She INVITED me AFTER seeing my photos. I even reminded her of that when I introduced myself.

Nevermind that supermodel Janice Dickinson was floored by how incredible my smile/teeth are when she met me. Nevermind, that my smile was good enough to be sent to Portland, OR to film an infomercial for Go Smile teeth whitening system. Apparently, my $5000+ smile doesn't even warrant more than 2 seconds.

Seriously? Oh well, lady…that's just 10-20% that I get to keep for myself or give to someone else when I flash my pearly whites. why waste each others time? really? I don't see the point.
Tags: entertainment, hollywood
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