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Anyone remember the dog that I threatened to dognap/find a home for because the owners were shitheads? well it got to the point that I had to call animal control because the dog ran off with the neighbor kid's cabbage patch doll and the little girl (maybe 3 at most) chased after the dog and almost got hit by a car. Then, when I tried to take the doll from the dog, it growled at me. Oh yeah, the owner was watching this the whole time and did nothing. Enough was enough.

Well the dog is gone now. I haven't seen it running loose, I haven't heard it, seen it, anything. I don't know if animal control took it away (it wasn't neutered & I'm pretty sure no license or shots), they got rid of it or it just flat out finally ran away or got killed. Wherever doggie is, I'm sure it's a much better place.

I keep waiting for the kids to be strolling down the street so I can ask them where their dog is. I'm sorry if that's shady, but if they say anything crappy to me, I'm prepared with a "well you just learned a valuable life lesson about responsibility, accountability and being a pet owner". Harsh, but true.