Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Who let the dogs out...oh that would be Marge Schott

In honor of the start of the annual battle for the Ohio Cup between the Indians and Reds, I bring to you the tale of time I was a bat girl for the Reds.

My mom had entered me into some contest and it was complete surprise when I won the chance to be an honorary bat girl for the Reds (personally, I wanted the Tribe, but we lived closer to Cincy so that dictated what team you were the bat girl/boy for). Anyway, I got to go on the field, get my ball signed by as many players as I could track down during batting practice, sit in the dugout, wear Chris Sabo's batting helmet and get my ball signed and picture taken with Jose Rijo (who later that season would be the World Series MVP)

Now at the time, the Reds were owned by Marge Schott and Marge loved her St. Bernard doggies...namely, Schottzie. Marge had a penchant for being the dog owner that we all hate: the one who lets their dog shit all over the place and not clean it up either out of laziness or an "i'm above this" complex. So, when my handler from the public relations office that night took me out on the field, the first thing I remember him saying to me was "Watch out for dog poop".

I didn't step in or see any Schottzie nuggets that day, but yes....she let the dog crap on a ball diamond. Forget the racist remarks and Nazi sympathizing, that ALONE should've been enough of a crime itself to ban her from owning a team.
Tags: baseball, ohio
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