Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Thank You US Dept of Education for wrecking my credit score w/ YOUR mistake

Thanks to a screwup with the US Dept of Education (on THEIR end), my credit score plummeted like 300 points. This is BS! I've worked my butt off the past 10 years to repair the damage I did to my credit while I was in college because of a little problem with credit cards back in the day. See, the problem is that they raised the minimum payment of my loans to over half of what i'm paying in Los Angeles (not exactly cheap if you know what I's like the 3rd most US expensive city to live). Therefore, I filed a forebearance to halt my payments until they could re-calculate my payments. I thought everything was fine and dandy until I started getting those "where is our money?" phone calls from them. I log onto my account to see that I owe them over $1000 in back payments and late fees because the forebearance didn't go through and I never received word that it didn't. So now I have a mark on my credit report for being more than 90 days delinquent on a credit account. Unbelievable! And they won't remove it from my report even though they are canceling out those payments and re-calculating a new payment for me....and this time they mean it. Ugh! Great! Now, I am totally screwing us (Brendan and I) as a couple if we try to leave this apartment when our lease is up in 6 months because now it looks like my credit score is only fair/good when it was EXCELLENT! I'm so damn mad!

So not only am I having to pay for TWO worthless college degrees that I can't get a job with, but now they are wrecking my credit score with THEIR mistake (which I also think is bullshit. I think schools should be obligated to tell you the TRUE REALISTIC prospects of job opportunities in your given field & until they start to do that, if you can't find a job with your degree, you should not be required to pay back your college loans. After all, they kind of scammed you)

Dear universe, send me that big national tv commerical booking, so I can write a giant ass check to this shitbags and get them out of my hair forever! Had I known what I know now back then, I would've never went to college (i know my father probably just did a 360 in his grave because he was awfully proud of me being the first Harber to graduate college, but this is a nightmare). okay...I take that back, I would've never went to a school for my first 3 years that didn't give me a full ride to play tennis. Let this be a lesson to all you parents with high school kids....make your kids research their college opportunities as if they were studying for the SAT and don't let their egos or pride dictate their decision. I simply went to that bigger school racking up tons of debt simply because I wanted to be able to say that I played Division 1 college tennis. Had I just sucked it up and gone to a smaller school from the start, I would've had everything paid for with my athletic abilities. end of lesson.
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