Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Holy freaking breakup season!

I've just found out in like the past 3 weeks that not 1, not 2, not 3, BUT FIVE...YES FIVE couples that I know of are kaputz, done, finished. I'm not talking a month or so of dating and done, I'm talking YEARS of dating and in a couple cases, marriages! What the hell?!?! is there something in the water or some strange cosmic alignment?! And in ALL of these cases, these men are nutso because they are letting GEMS of women go and for what?!? I just hope whatever is going around, it's not contaigous (though it's appearing to be) and if it is, please stay the HELL away from my relationship. Don't go putting any ideas in Brendan's head. We've had a LOT of problems in the past 6 months or so especially with me dealing with all the emotions that were dredged up by my father's passing. It finally seems like we are getting somewhere positive and back to a normal kind of life. I just pray this isn't a calm before a storm.

Hold your heads high, ladies....I'm there for you like you were there for me through my bad times.
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