Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Hey Mercury, feel free to right your self promptly

I'm so very glad that Mercury has decided to take its ass out of retrograde. It's been one thing after another. Holy freaking heck. Electronics and technology are usually my friends, but this week has been a shitshow left and right. Websites are puking on me left and right, actual equipment is going on the fritz, stuff like that
-Tried to update my online modeling portfolio at modelmayhem so I can have my photographer friend check out my pix and help me pick photos for my new comp cards so I can get a new modeling agent. A 30-minute job took about 2 hours, though, because their server kept messing up my photos insisting they were too big (they weren't) and then too small (they weren't) and then they would duplicate post. So annoying.
-This one is even bigger. has decided that it hates my account set up through my agency. It won't let me submit to anything. No submissions =no auditions = cranky frustrated Amy. They set up a temporary account for me with my pictures, but not my resume, which means I have to link them back to my agency account page (which works but just won't let me submit) in order for whoever is casting to see my resume.
-Sirius radio: Then my sirius radio got jacked from my car by one of the stupidest criminals ever, but I have a special post for that idiot.
-automated systems: Tried to refill my prescriptions using the automated system I'm supposed to use. Someone goofed the last time I got a refill and said I got 60 pills instead of 30, so it wouldn't let me have a refill. Then the internet company kept saying my payment was late and wouldn't let me speak to a representative until I paid the bill using their automated system.
-Twitter didn't want to work with replies/search/pages. Lovely...on the opening day of baseball when we all know I love to livetweet games.
-My hate for Dish Network continues as they claimed they were "working on" getting the MLB tv package last season. well this season rolled around and still no baseball package. Liars. I can't wait to be freed from their evil clutches.
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